Teens, Porn & Sex Education

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Mom & Dad's Impact on Sexuality

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Excellent program to be used by parents or parent groups to help teens understand the real issues pornography raises.
There is no "if" for parents, all our children are being influenced by the virtual flood of pornography available today. If not by their own use then by the attitudes of others around them who do view it.

Teen Viewing Computer Alone A recent report from the Witherspoon Institute summarizes, "The prevalence of pornography in the lives of many children is far more significant than most adults realize. Pornography is deforming the healthy and sexual development of these young viewers."

Attend a Parent Workshop or see a Qualified Counselor and join your child seeking a healthier life.

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The one thing no one tells kids about sex. Written to girls and young women.

Talking to Your Kids About SexExplanations of lessons and messages kids need at different age levels.
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