The 7 Desires of the Heart

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What is Sexual Addiction Really About

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Lessons Learned-Vol 1

4 DVD set of Sy Rogers live. Simply no one can explain this issue more effectively.
If you struggle with unwanted sexual thoughts and can't keep them out of your head, you are not alone.

Man feeling hopeless stuck in addiction If you experience sexual obsession that grows worse over time, you are just like thousands of men receiving help and healing in support groups and counseling.

You do not have to be alone.

Join a group and meet other men who have come through the place you are in and found healing and freedom.

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Book Spotlight
Healing the Wounds of Sexual AddictionPerhaps the most thorough book on sexual addiction.

False Intimacy A spiritual-relational look at recovery. Especially good for men in year 2 or 3 of recovery.