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Legal Issues and the Church

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Social Costs
The Social Costs of Pornography
Leader Training
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Group Leader Training

The biggest vacuum in support groups is for leaders of women's sexual addiction groups. This 6-week course is online so anyone can participate no matter where you live.
If you feel alone in the battle as a support group leader or ministry leader, you don't have to be.

Leader If you feel frustrated by a lack of information or overwhelmed by confusing options, join with us and the hundreds of other leaders across the country and find the support you need.

Share your questions and insights with us and others leaders in recovery from the affects of sexual addiction.
Internet Safety at Church
OPEN DNS How do you safeguard all computers, even wireless ones, from accessing pornography in your building? How can you set the same level of protection for everyone all at once? How can you prevent anyone from hacking through your protection?

With OpenDNS
Abuse Prevention
Ministry Safe is a complete safety system designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in your organization.
Get Involved
Learn more about the Sexual Healing Network. If you are interested in assisting or participating with this network, please contact us!
Book Spotlights
Why Support Groups?Usefull tools for facilitators of support groups

False Intimacy Written to leaders to help them understand how to work with others who struggle with pornography
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DVD Training
Treating Sexual Addiction

Increase your knowledge

30 hour course from the AACC leading to a Certified Sexual Addiction Specialist